Sunday, November 29, 2015

My new hot piece!

Acesta este sacoul, pe care l-am achizitionat de la Galeria de Stil si care, presimt ca va fi pentru mult timp o piesa importanta in garderoba mea. Culorile puternice ale colectiei Laurei Ciobanu mi-au ghidat privirea spre stativul plin de fuste, sacouri si rochite excelent executate. Avand o slabiciune pentru rozul in orice nuanta am observat din prima sacoul, perfect croit si cusut intr-o nuanta vibranta de hot pink. De la standul Laurei mi-au placut foarte mult si fustele din tulle in nuante fade si de asemenea si fustele mari ample lime green. Cum vi se pare? Voi ce ati cumparat sau v-ati dori sa cumparati de la Galeria de Stil?

This is the jacket, that I bought from the Style Gallery and which I am sure I will be using as a statement piece for a long time. The powerful colours of Laura Ciobanu's collection led me to her corner of beautifully ligned up clothes. Having a weakness for any shade of pink I was naturally drawn to this jacket, beautifully cut and sewn. I also loved her tulle skirts in blush colours and the big lime green skirts. What would you buy from the Style Gallery?


Jacheta de blana, Nuka
Sacou Laura Ciobanu
Camasa neagra cu funda, Nife
Geanta Michael Kors
Cercei cu elemente Svarowski


  1. Love your pics! Very curious if you like my blog too. Would mean the world if you could check it out!