Saturday, March 12, 2016

There's nothing better than a break...

O perioada haotica, presarata cu o multitudine de activitati, unele frumoase, altele mai putin placute, este in cel mai fericit caz urmata de o "cabana". In ultima perioada nu am mai gasit timp pentru astfel de iesiri si devine din ce in ce mai greu sa ne strangem cu totii pentru a sarbatori simplul fapt ca suntem tineri si cu pofta de viata. Totusi dupa o asteptare indelungata, timp in care am fost cu totii ocupati cu job-urile sau cu hobby-urile (vezi blog-ul), am reusit sa ne adunam o buna parte din "familie" si sa parasim orasul, grijile si gandurile, urmand sa ne petrecem weekend-ul intr-o maniera chill, departe de stres, intr-un cadru montan feeric. Desi suntem aproape de casa, tot ce tine de viata cotidiana a disparut complet si ne delectam cu traditiile de cabana. 

Va doresc un weekend minunat...si sper ca aveti timp de o iesire in natura.

Usually after a chaotic period, mixed with work and other daily activities, one manages to squeeze in an outing. Let go of your busy schedule and escape the city to a magical scene, preferably in the mountains. We've managed to do this, and to gather a big part of the "family" in order to celebrate our youth and our love for life. We've all been busy with our jobs, and our hobbies (eg. this blog) and now we're ready to party and feel free. Even though we're close to home, we succeeded in leaving our worries and the stress behind and now we can enjoy this beautiful scene and this gorgeous view. 

I hope you a have a wonderful weekend... in a beautiful place.

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